LESSON 2: Giving Personal Information

(student's worksheet)

PART ONE: Listening. 

1. Click here to listen to the recording. Then fill in the gaps.

2. How to ask for personal information? Click here to do the exercise.

PART TWO: Learn / Revise some vocabulary related to looks and physical appearance.

1. hair.
2. eyes.
3. the face.
4. height and figure.
5. other words.

Click here to do the exercises, then complete your worksheet.


Click here to do the exercise.

PART FOUR: What are you like?

1. Learn / revise some personality adjectives: personality adjectives.
2. Opposites: opposites.
3. Adverbs of degree: adverbs of degree.
4. Oral Comprehensions: What is your best quality? / What is your worst quality?

PART FIVE: It's your turn now! Introduce yourself!

Use Audacity or any other means to record your oral presentation.

1. Introduce yourself: name - nationality - age - date of birth - place of birth - place of residence.
2. Say what you look like (= physical description).
3. Say what you are like (= personality).