What is your worst quality?

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   angry      frustrated      impatient      messy      patience      stubborn      stubbornness   

(The United States)

What are my worst qualities? Well, let's just stick with one for now cause the list could be very long if we did all of my worst qualities. I think one of my worst qualities is that often times I can be very , especially when I think I'm right, even when I'm not, so definitely is one of my worst qualities.


OK, what's my worst quality? My worst quality has to be my . Sometimes when I'm walking down the street, I get very by people walking slowly in front of me, or people riding their bicycles and sometimes they nearly hit me on street and I get very for no real reason so I think sometimes I'm very .


What's my worst quality? I think it's I'm very . When I... like in my room for example, if I'm using something, I'm just leaving it there as it builds mountains of stuff everywhere. That's my worst quality. I never finish up anything.

(taken from www.elllo.org)