LESSON 4: School and YOU!

(student's worksheet)

PART ONE: School Subjects.

1. Vocabulary.

    Do the following activity and complete your worksheet: school subjects.

2. Comparing school subjects.


difficult / hard



    Observe the following sentences and deduce the rules! Then, write them down on your worksheet.

   To me, physics is greater than mathematics.

My best friend thinks (that) Spanish is easier than English.

I find (that) history is more interesting than geography.

3. Speaking: School Subjects and YOU!

    Use Audacity or any other means to record yourself.

    Answer the following questions:

    asterisk.gif What school subject(s) do you like? Why?         I like ... because + S + V
    asterisk.gif What school subject(s) do you hate? Why?        I hate ... because + S + V
    asterisk.gif Compare history and geography.
    asterisk.gif Compare biology and physics.
    asterisk.gif Compare music and art.

PART TWO: What is your opinion about school?

1. An opinion poll.

    Answer the following questions: opinion poll. (This opinion poll is anonymous. Be honest when you give your answers!)

2. What do your classmates think

    Collect the results!

3. Analyze the results!

    Write a short analysis on your worksheet.
    Expressions you can use:

    asterisk.gif MOST students think that … (= a vast majority)
    asterisk.gif A LOT OF / LOTS OF students enjoy school … (= a great number)
    asterisk.gif A FEW students say / said that … (= a minority)
    asterisk.gif 63.2% (“sixty-three point two per cent”) of the voters believe that …

4. Compare quantities.

    Observe the following sentences and deduce the rules. Then write them down on your worksheet.

- Lots of students want less homework. They also want less violence
Lots of students want fewer exams.
+ Lots of students want more holidays.
Lots of students want more tolerance at school.

5. Now write about your dream school!    

    Write a short paragraph about your dream school on your worksheet.

    Use: "My dream school is a school with less / fewer / more ..."