LESSON 3: Your Family and Your Pets

(student's worksheet)

PART ONE: Family.

1. Vocabulary.

    Do the following activities and complete your worksheet: a traditional family - a recomposed family.

2. Listening.

    a) Listen to Jeff and take notes! Jeff

    b) Listen to Amanda and take notes! Amanda

    c) Listen to Declan and take notes! Declan


1. Vocabulary.

    Do the following activity and complete your worksheet: Pets.

2. Listening.

    Listen to Gloria talking about her pet and take notes! Gloria's pet.

PART THREE: It's your turn now! Introduce your family and your pets!

Use Audacity or any other means to record your oral presentation.

1. Introduce your family: brothers / sisters - names - age - physical description - personality.

2. Introduce your pet(s): type(s) - name(s) - age - description (colours).