LESSON 1: Yearbooks

(student's worksheet)

PART ONE: Reading.

asterisk.gif Q. 1 Where can you find yearbooks? Click here to find out!


A yearbook is a book to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of a school. One or more editors organize the yearbook. They are often helped by several people. The editors formulate a plan for the content of the yearbook: the pages it will include and how they are to be laid out (= the presentation). They may choose to have pages for trips, parties, an address book, an editorial, messages from staff, pages for signatures and personal messages.
(adapted from Projects, 2nde)

asterisk.gif Q. 2 In paragraph 1, pick out the sentence explaining the purpose / objective of a yearbook.

asterisk.gif Q. 3 In paragraph 1, make a list of things you can find in a yearbook.

asterisk.gif Q. 4 How much does a yearbook cost? Click on the examples to find out! ex 1 - ex 2 - ex 3

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Working on the yearbook

At some schools yearbook is a class activity. Working on the yearbook means you learn the important lessons of collaboration, patience, and envy.
Publishing has always been glue that brings photographers, artists, writers, and business people together around a common enterprise, so it’s a perfect mini-life exercise for teenagers. […] If they are lucky, the most important thing kids learn from working on a yearbook is not how to use white space appropriately, or how to avoid rivers in a two-page spread (= how not to write too much), but rather how to work collaboratively and with dignity. […]
Lots of kids have important revelations in high school, and lots of them make mistakes that lead to hurt feelings. For me, working on the year book was salvation, and it gave me purpose and confidence in a world where I did not otherwise fit. It taught me the basics of page-layout and design, but most importantly it taught me that words are still the most powerful tool in the publisher’s arsenal.
Adapted from We, the Yearbook Nerds, by Gene Gable (2005)

asterisk.gif Q. 5 Read paragraph 2 and use your own words to explain why making a yearbook is an interesting experience.

asterisk.gif Q. 6 Pick out the sentence that shows that making a yearbook was a positive experience for the author.

asterisk.gif Q. 7 In the last sentence of the paragraph, what does the author compare words to?

PART TWO: Listening.

Before watching the video:
1.Check the meaning of the word 'demise' in the dictionary. Don't forget to listen to the pronunciation of this word! dictionary

2.Listen to the pronunciation of these words:

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3. Click here to watch the video and answer the questions.