You have 2 options:

1) Write your page for the yearbook on a sheet of paper.

2) Make a poster online with (your teacher will provide you with more information if you decide to choose this option). 

Note: Select 'private' when you start your glog.

There must be 7 distinct parts on your page / poster:

1)     Identity: (If you have your parents' permission, try to illustrate your page / poster with pictures of yourself.)

    asterisk.gif name (Do not give your family name)
    asterisk.gif nationality
    asterisk.gif age
    asterisk.gif date of birth + place of birth
    asterisk.gif place of residence (just the name of the town where you live. Do not give an address). (It is nice if the students can put pictures of themselves!)

2)     Physical description:

    asterisk.gif hair.
    asterisk.gif eyes.
    asterisk.gif height.
    asterisk.gif figure.
    asterisk.gif particular feature(s).

3)     Personality / Character with adverbs of degree:

    asterisk.gif personality adjectives.
    asterisk.gif adverbs of degree: not at all - a littlequiteveryextremely.

4)     Your Family and Your Pet(s) :    

    asterisk.gif brothers and sisters: names – age – physical description – personality.
    asterisk.gif pet(s): type(s) - name(s) - age - colour.

5)     School Subjects:

    asterisk.gif the school subject(s) you like / love / hate + why?
    asterisk.gif Compare different school subjects.
    asterisk.gif Your opinion about school.
asterisk.gif Your ideal school.

6)     Hobbies and Talents:

    asterisk.gif What do you like doing in your free time?
    asterisk.gif What can you do? How well can you do it? (with adverbs of degree: a littlequite wellvery wellextremely well).

7)     Future Job and Countries / Destinations:

    asterisk.gif What would you like to do when you are older? Why?
    asterisk.gif What country/countries would you like to visit? Why?