wealth (n.) a large quantity
shore (n.) 
the land near the sea or ocean
current (adj.) of the present time / happening now
encompass (v.) to cover / to include
draw (drew - drawn) (v.) to attract
bountiful (adj.)  in large quantities / generous
fishery (n.) a part of the sea or a river where fish are caught in large quantities
whale (n.) whale.jpg
hunt (v.) to chase wild animals in order to catch or kill them for food, sport or to make money
drive (v.) to influence something or cause it to make progress
flock (v.) to go or gather together somewhere in large numbers
vessel (n.) a large ship or boat
ferry (v.) to carry people or goods (= products) in a boat
threat (n.) menace / danger / disaster
staple (n.) something that is produced by a country and is important for its economy
species (n.) a group of similar animals
sharp (adj.) sudden and rapid