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The Tower of London is one of the most and of all London’s landmarks. It began its days as an important to the city from further , indeed to from . William the Conqueror ordered the construction in to . It certainly became an structure along the river, warning that were here to stay. As years went by, the ever-expanding tower was used as , and if you have time to explore inside, you will find a fascinating array of , and such well-known as the Crown Jewels. In the th century, however, during the reign of Henry VIII, the Tower of London was to become a sinister , synonymous with , and . Two of the King’s were here and many of the people he condemned to death during his reign were sent from the Tower to be outside, creating a ghoulish spectacle for onlookers. You can see the chilling Traitors’ Gate where prisoners entered the Tower from the river, but you’ll find that, nowadays, people are more likely to use the nearby bridge to reach the Tower of London.