Visit Scotland (Part 2)

Download the minibook! (Click here to know how to fold the minibook.)

scotland.gif Report the locations of Loch Ness, Stirling, Ben Nevis and the Isle of Skye on the map in your minibook.


scotland.gif Loch Ness:

- Watch these two videos and learn some interesting facts about this famous Scottish lake!

- What comparison is made between Loch Ness and the world population? Watch the following video to find out!

- The Surgeon's Photograph: click on the photo to know about the true story behind this world-famous picture!


scotland.gif The Wallace Monument (Stirling):

- Watch the following video and answer the questions.

- Watch the two following videos and write down in your minibook when and how William Wallace died.

scotland.gif Ben Nevis:

- What is Ben Nevis? What does the name mean? Click here to find out!

- Enjoy the following video on Ben Nevis!

scotland.gif The Isle of Skye:

- Click here and note down the location of the Isle of Skye, the number of inhabitants, as well as all the activities you can do on the island.

- Enjoy the following video on the Isle of Skye!

- More on the Isle of Skye! Enjoy the Scottish accent!

scotland.gif Scottish Inventions:

- Watch the following video and note down the ten most famous Scottish inventions in your minibook.

- For more Scottish inventions, click here!

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