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The development of the English language took a giant step just years before the of . Three small British ships crossed the in . They landed in an area that would later become the of . They began the first of several British . The name of the first small was Jamestown. In time, people in these new began to call areas of their new land by words borrowed from the people they found living there. For example, many of the great in are taken from words. The , the , the are examples.
Other words included "moccasin", the kind of shoe made of animal skin that wore on their feet. This borrowing or adding of words to English was a way of expanding the language.
Britain had other in , , , and . The English language also became part of these . These are now , but English still is one of the languages spoken. And the English language grew as words from the languages were added. For example, the word "" for soap for the hair came from . "" is believed to be from Africa.