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The next invasion of Britain took place more than years ago, in . History experts call this invasion the Conquest. led it.
The were a -speaking people from in the north of . They became the new rulers of Britain. These new rulers spoke only for several years. It was the most important language in the world at that time. It was the language of people. But the people of Britain still spoke Old English.
Old English took many words from the . Some of these include “damage,” “,” and “.” Most English words that describe and come from , words such as “,” “,” and “.”
The language used by the rulers greatly changed the way English was spoken by years ago. English became what language experts call Middle English. As time passed, the ruling no longer spoke true . Their language had become a mix of and Middle English.
Middle English sounds like modern English. But it is very difficult to understand now. Many written works from this period have survived. Perhaps the most famous was written by Geoffrey Chaucer, a who lived in and died there in . Chaucer’s most famous work is “The Canterbury Tales,” written more than years ago. “The Canterbury Tales” is a about different people traveling to the town of Canterbury.